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French Green Puy Lentil Tortilla's

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French Green Puy Lentil Tortilla's

I was bored so I messed around with making a heathly tortilla with ground Lentils and White Whole Wheat Flour

They were quite tasty, I expected more tang out of the sour starter but it was quite mild.





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I had to check this out when I saw the description.  I am always making Indian flatbreads, esp. in the summer (when I don't want the oven on!) - the dry grilled kinds, not the fried ones - and have used chick pea flour in a lot of them.  And something they do a lot with the chick pea flour to add flavor is toast it.  I'll have to grind some of those legumes I have and try toasting before and after, and not toasting, and see if anything seems better, and see if any of those varieties give a better flavor.

So what recipe and method did you use?  I can sort of see the method, so it's more the recipe I'm wondering about.



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oohh.. homemade tortilla :) too good not to try to make it myself.

thanks for sharing!


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173 grm       White Whole Wheat Flour (KA)

57 grm        Ground Puy Lentils

4 grm          Baking Powder

125 grm       2% milk

70 grm        Plain Greek Yogurt

250 grm      75% Hydro Sour Starter

8 grm          Kosher Salt


Sift the first three ingredients together. Weigh all you wet out and mix lightly until smoooth. Add 3/4 of the dry to the wet and make a shaggy dough, let set 20 minutes covered. Sprinkle the salt ontop of the dough and mix in the rest of the flour, knead to form a smooth-ish ball. Let rest 20 minutes. Roll dough into a log and cut into 8- 10 peices, depends on how you like you tortillas. Mist the cast iron pan with a little oil and put the tortilla in pan then mist the backside (facing up at you) with a little more oil. Cook for about two minutes per side. 



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Those look very tasty and inventive.  Thanks for sharing.  I have flat breads on my list of things to bake one of these days so I'm saving this one.