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Messed up timings and need to speed up my sourdough - how much commercial yeast?

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Messed up timings and need to speed up my sourdough - how much commercial yeast?

Hi all, I messed up with my timings and won't be able to bake tomorrow so I need my sourdough to be ready in 6 hours beginning to end. I've heard I can speed up the process with commercial yeast, but how much should I use?

My usual recipe is:

400g starter
900g white
100g rye
3tsp salt
650g water


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What type of yeast, IDY or ADY?

What temp will the dough be after it finishes mixing?

What is your room temp?

How long would your normal bulk ferment and proof time be?


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That's a lot of questions I wasn't expecting and not sure I can answer!

The yeast is Allinson's Easy Bake Yeast (I'm in the UK)

No idea about the temperature of the dough - I'm afraid I never measure that.

Room temperature right now I'd guess is around 20C? 

My normal bulk ferment I guess is around 4-6 hours... it seems to vary quite a lot.

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Use 5 grams of yeast and warm the water to 27 to 28°C. Your gonna have to keep an eye on it, it may go faster.

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Mini Oven

to be oven ready in 5 hrs.  That yeast is a one rise deal.  Fast stuff!   So you can let your sourdough work at flavouring the dough and then when you want the dough to rise, sprinkle the yeast on the flattened out dough, give it a light mist with water and roll up the dough and knead it for a minute, then shape and let the dough rise in a warm spot while you preheat the oven.  

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was to refrigerate the dough, let it ferment and build flavor slowly for an additional 20- 24 hours and then bake it off the day after, rather than trying to speed it up.  This is our near standard way to make SD bread and the flavor is particularly superior to faster breads.

Happy baking.