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My Daily No need to Knead bread!

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My Daily No need to Knead bread!

Hi everyone :)


I have been away alot lately. Life has kind of spewed forth chaos and crazyness and I have time to make bread but not read my bread porn! :( Sometimes I dont even have time to make bread! *cries*

My partner proposed to me, I said yes, then we decided to move to the UK from Oz and all before the new school year. So in a matter of two months, we are getting handfasted, getting passports and visas and leaving the country.

There is SOOOOOOOO much to do I am going bonkers!

I am also holding a bread making workshop at a Winter weekend gathering and making bread for the main meal. So I am swamped with that too!


All I can say is GAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *holds head running around yelling*


I thought I'd share with you my no knead bread tecquniques that I have developed lately due to my "no time at all" thing.

So easy, and soooo yummy!


Nadias nutty no knead bread! 

1000g (450pounds) flour.

I usually do a combination of 100g Rye Flour, 70-100g gluten flour, 400g unbleached white flour, 500g Wholemeal flour and 100g of Semolina flour or fine ground semolina.

1 teaspoon salt

2-4 cups of water can depend on flour type and weather. I end up with 4 and sometimes more! so just keep an eye out for consistency!

1/4 cup rice bran oil. (has a great flavour when cooked and has a high smoke point so doesnt lose nutrients or go all transfatty acid on you during cooking.Full of omega 3 aswell)

1/2 teaspoon yeast.




I usually start this around 1 oe 2 in the afternoon or maybe if I am running late I start around 6 or 7 in the evening. I find I start around 1 I can usually have bread around 11 at night, but the overnight retard gives it heaps more flavour! 


1. Mix flours, salt and yeast in a large bowl. stir to combine well then make a well in the centre and add oil.

Slowly add water until all the flour is hydrated and it is a big sloppy think poolish consistency.

Cover loosely and leave.

2. At this point I come back maybe 4 hours later and stir. then again before bed I come back and stir it. It builds the strength and also moves the dough around so the yeasties have more available food. (or so I think! lol!) If I have fermented this from 1 or 2 in the afternoon I put it in the fridge before bed and take it out 1-2hours before I need to do anything with it.)

3. When I get up in the morning I stir it again...and usually it has doubled or trippled (and if you havent used a big enough bowl it will have bubbled over onto the bench....I know from experience!) If you plan to bake before midday then take it out of the fridge now if you put it to retard in there overnight)

Stir it again and if you will be out all day, then put it in the fridge. (if it isnt already there from the night before

If you plan to bake it mid morning to midday then after stirring it cover and leave it again for an hour or two.

4. Tip it on a floured bench and stretch and fold 2 or 3 times. Leave it to rest on the bench under a damp towel for 30 mins to an hour and then divide and shape at whim. I usually make sandwich loaves or rolls with it. It is amazingly easy to shape given its very wet consistency.

5. After shaping, place on a well floured or cornmealed surface/peel/baking sheet and leave to rise for 30 mins to 1 hour. Check to see if it is getting close to over proofing (I am making this in winter in OZ which is usually about 7-15 degrees celcius in the house)

When its ready, place in a cold oven with hot water in a pan on the floor of the oven and turn the temperature to 200degrees celcius.

Bake for 20 mins at 200 and then turn it down to 180 deg celcius.

Bake for a further 30-35 mins then turn off the oven and let cool in the oven for 20-30 mins.


This bread is moist, nutty and a little sour. Tastes beautiful fresh out of the oven still warm! GReat for soups and makes lovely rolls.

I am still tweaking the proofing times to get bigger holes. Rolls have bigger holes than the loaf as I think I dont prood it for long enough.

Still really tasty and soooooooooo easy.

free form loaf. a flattish boule. diddnt shape it very well :) but look at those holes! good crumb and sooo tasty!


closer shot here.


sandwich loaf. I need bigger loaf pans. These hold 500g and even then the loaves are too small :(


loaf crumb shot. Yummo!


If I have confused you....let me know!






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Beautiful bread.

Congrats on the engagement, and good luck getting ready for the big move!

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Thanks floyd :)

ITs alot of hooha! but once its over it will be great.......I hope ;)



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And don't forget us! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to document your recipe and method.

Susan from San Diego

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How can I forget everyone on the fresh loaf!

I think it will be my life line fore something farmilliar for a good 6 months after the move!


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Green Baker,

I don't recall seeing the rice bran oil. Is it an oriental product? Your bread looks great to me and I would like to try the flavor combination of flours. Great job!

Good luck getting everything together for the move and congrats!


Thegreenbaker's picture

I dont think it is an oriental product. :S  I am in Australia and I but it in a huge tin. I THINK its an aussie product.


Thanks for the congrats :)



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Sounds like a busy life! And lovely looking bread! Loads of us here in the UK  seem to dream of living in Oz! It is the idea of lovely weather, space - sunshine! Here it has been grey, wet, grey, wet, sunny day, grey - you get the picture! Have you lived in the UK before????!!!!
Have fun - it sounds a hectic time.

Thegreenbaker's picture

I hear the common colours seen in the UK are grey and green :)

Lucky I like them :)  


No I havent lived there before, but I have dreamed of visiting. I am a sucker for qll things english............except perhaps the "traditional food" like bread and dripping *shudders* 

My fiancee is english. We plan to stay for about 5 years and save out butts off then come home to OZ with a decent sum of money and buy land and build :)


Where in the UK are you?



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which is the South East - very pretty area, lovely villages and houses, if you like buildings. The village I live in has more medieaval houses than any other in Sussex - dating from about 1240 to 1600 - and loads more later than that, of course. There is a marvellous map of the village in the health centre with the dates of all the old ones! I am originally from the North of England - Northumberland - gorgeous scenery and marvellous old castles and abbeys up there. But colder in the winter! I'd quite like to go back there to live - for the summer. Perhaps Portugal for the winter???Where do you plan to live?  I'd be really interested to know the area!The last two days have been beautiful, by the wayl - all over England! You might become addicted and want to stay...!
Best wishes,

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I think my partner is afraid of me becoming addicted and not wanting to leave.

He hates the weather....I dont know yet, but oh to have castle ruins in most towns!

We are looking at Horley and Gatwick as it is on a main train line to london and also to Eastbourne.....pevensey really) where his parents live.

As it is with Imigration and my seemingly having "special circumstances" it could be a good 6 or 7 months before I get there :( *cries* 

 I hear Sussex is beautiful...well I hear most of the UK is beautioful. I doubt I would want to leave :D 

I cant wait to be wearing a jumper in SUMMER!  heeeeeeeeee!



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Hi greenbaker. I hope your life isn't too crazy these days! That sounds like a great bread - especially for busy days.

I almost forgot - it looks like a great bread too!