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Beginner with an active starter... Next steps

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Dan Barclay

Beginner with an active starter... Next steps

Hi Guys

I am completely new to the world of sourdough but have been baking fairly regularly for a few months now. I have an active starter which doubles between feeds (in about six hours) and have made a few loafs so far which, as far as I can tell, have been fairly successful. However the starter is only about 600g at its peak, so can really only make one loaf each time. I was wondering how I go about increasing the size of the starter without over feeding it. I tried adding more flour/water without discarding any to bake but it didn't double at all so thought perhaps I added too much.

Any help would be much appreciated. 



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Hi Dan,

Can you explain what "600g at its peak" means? 

Maybe you can describe your feed schedule and recipes. Most recipes only between 5-50% of starter in relation to the flour weight, so by my calculations, for a recipe which uses 500g of flour, you should only need ~250g of starter, so 600g of active starter should be plenty for 2 loaves and 100g leftover starter for feeding/maintenance.

To increase the size of your starter (for example, 600g of your active starter), just feed it at least 300g of flour and 300g of water, and in about 4-6 hours it will be ready to use. Overfeeding shouldn't be a problem in this case. 



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Dan Barclay

Sorry should have been clearer. When its peaked I've been removing 300g of starter for 500g of flour and i'm left with roughly half the starter (therefore I guessed around 300g left giving 600g in total). I should be using less starter then which would definitely help me get another loaf. When would be the best time to add the 300g of flour and water? After I have removed 500g for two loaves or do I not have to remove any?

Thanks very much for your answer!

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Dan Barclay

Forgot to say I have been adding about 150g flour and water every feed (twice a day)

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Mini Oven

If you go by a very familiar ratio recipe known as 1-2-3 sourdough.  Start with one part of starter, say 300g.  Multiply that by 2 for the water amount, 600g.  Multiply by 3 for flour amount, gives 900g.  Then figure salt for the flour amount (starter flour +900g) 1.6 to 2%.  Very easy to remember.

If 500g flour makes one loaf and you would like two loaves...  1000 g flour ÷ 3 = 334 g  Start out with 334g of starter, 668g water (hold back just a small amount and see how your dough is coming together.)   Figuring 1167g total flour,  2% salt amount is  23g.

Try it!   You can search the site for more articles on 1,2,3 sourdough