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100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

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100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Today's bake was a loaf of Peter Reinhart's 100% whole wheat sandwich bread.  The soaker and wild yeast starter for this loaf used home-milled hard red winter wheat.  In the final dough, I added Sonora white wheat flour milled by Eatwell Farm in Dixon, CA.  The combination produced a loaf of bread that easily filled the 8 1/2 by 4 inch loaf pan. 

We enjoy this bread toasted for breakfast and topped with orange marmalade alongside a cup of hot tea. 



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Yum! Toasted with marmalade... never tasted marmalade. should be great though.

Lovely lofty loaf, Linder! it rose beautifully.'s picture

Nice loaf Linda!  Love those classy scores.

I bake a 1500 gr loaf of that bread ~ once/five days, but have never used my SD starter, only CY.  Not that I haven't wanted to, but my wife is pretty particular about her 100% ww sandwich bread and I daren't 'experiment'.   But boy, is it tempting.  Guess now I can always blame you :-)

Nice baking!


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bread looks well risen and baked.  The crumb has to be fantastic. My wife is just like Tom's - don't mess with her store bought non SD Oroweat 100% WW.  I've made some really nice (not 100%) WW with SD that she will eat till gone and then off to Kroger for Oroweat she goes.

Very nice baking Linda.  Post a crumb shot when you get one?

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As requested, here is the crumb shot for this loaf -



Thanks for all the kind words.  Yeah, I'll be away for a week visiting my sister in New Jersey, she's of the Orowheat clan, but maybe I can bake a loaf and see what she thinks?  Hmmm, oh yeah, I'd made a pact with myself not to come off like the know-it-all older sister, so maybe I'll let things be.

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I haven't tried the sourdough version of this yet.   Looking forward to it after your post.  -Varda