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Convection ovens vs. Deck ovens

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Joey Biscotti

Convection ovens vs. Deck ovens

Hello. I have a company which produces Biscotti and all other types of desserts, from cheesecakes and cookies to bread puddings, sweet loaves, and muffins. For three years I've used nothing but convection ovens, but now I'm purchasing a bakery that only has Pizza/Deck ovens. Will I need to make any major alterations in how I produce my products (especially the biscotti) using these deck ovens? Thanks, in advance, for any helpful advice you can give.

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I have made biscotti in a deck oven and it was fine.  The only little "trick" is to make sure the bottom deck isn't too hot.  I've scorched a few batches.  The heat transfer from the deck to your product is pretty quick and thorough and sweets can burn really fast.  You can also get removeable wire grates that sit on the decks.  They will give you some separation between the deck and your biscotti pans, or what have you.