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Sourdough attached doughs

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Sourdough attached doughs

I am learning so much from all parts of this website and groups of people.Thanks! Sometimes my timing of a recipe gets interrupted, plans change and I may end up with what I think might be over risen dough .Is there a way to prenvent this from happening( can the dough be saved,in any way? ) If the fridge can slow it down what is the timing on it and does it need to rest once it is out to be baked? E.G. This weekend I had just mixed my dough needing a 5:30 Baking and then found out we needed to go somewhere at that trim. Can it be received and started with the scheduled time tomorrow. I'm ngew at this and can use your expert advice!Thanks

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Mini Oven

Had no idea you were dialing 911 for sourdough!   Four hours ago you could have put an oiled ice bag on the shaped dough and maybe gotten away with a delay.  A lot depends on the flours and recipe, how long the fermentation has progressed and dough temp.  Are you baking in half an hour?  

If it is any consolation, had a similar thing happen to me today.  I started my dough yesterday noon and planned on baking this morning with "all the time in the world."  Yep, and DH decided not to work today.  So we did our running around and returned home to pop the loaf into the oven.  Then we took off again when the bread came out of the oven.