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Beautiful baking video

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Beautiful baking video

Found this beautiful (albeit a bit long) video on YouTube. I've not seen it discussed in this forum before so I thought I'd post it. Im not really sure how to direct it right onto the "Videos" section of the site, so if someone could please tell me how for the future I'd really appreciate it. For now I guess i'll just dump it into the General area.


Happy baking y'all

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....I think I'd go off bread completely.  At home, I can make what I want when I want, but to have to do this every thanks.

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Repetition is what production jobs are about and this looks as interesting a work place as any.  Some people like shuffling papers, others stare aimlessly at computer screens or talk endlessly to people not interested in their all becomes monotonous over time.

What I found strange was that the safety guards on the machines seemed more of a decorative nature than functional as the machines continued operating after lifting them, while this is convenient it seems to defeat their purpose.  Keeping the peel's food contact area stored standing on the floor seems of questionable hygine but it is always easy to be critic.


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Hi Paddy,

If you think of it as your bakery, these are your creations, that people are lining up to take home to their families and friend, a labor of love, than, just for the dollar. Being a artisan, craftsman or artist, demands that your basic skills become second natured, sometimes robotic in the effordless ease in how they are displayed. To me he looked like he loved what he did and did what he loved. A few of us would work with him for free, to learn those skills, at lease I would for a while.