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Dough mixer reviews?

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Dough mixer reviews?

I have been looking to buy something like a 20L spiral mixer.  I've seen a few while searching the net, but can't find any reviews of the various models.  Is there a place where one can see objective reviews of mixers?  (I live in the UK).


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Hi GordonG,

My best advice is to approach the experts who sell these machines.   Brook Food are very good indeed, so too Belmont Machinery.   There are others; if you take British Baker every fortnight, the various companies are listed in there.

My personal preference for a spiral mixer of that size is that it has dual speed, and preferably that the bowl will rotate in both directions, with a switch to change between the 2...certainly on the slow speed, but this facility is also useful for the second speed too.   Other than that, you would be looking at technical specifications relating to power, and the salespeople will give you the best advice here.   When you approach these companies, try to have in mind exactly what features are important to you personally.   There are a lot of spiral mixers available, so please don't be led into paying over the odds.

All good wishes


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thanks Andy,  I've now been in touch with Brook's, so Im hopeful!