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I need more starter

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I need more starter

Ok my starter is doing great but now I need more.  To increase the amount of starter I maintain can I just feed with equal weight of flour and water without discarding any? I have approx 2 cups of starter I want to keep 3-4 cups on hand. a typical feeding involves removing 1 cup of starter then adding 125-130 grams of flour and equal weight of water. Should I just add the 125 gr of ea the next time I feed without removing any?

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'Used' flour is a dead weight (literally and figuratively), in my experience.  If I need more starter, I will usually just remove the excess, and add more flour/water.

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Of course you may do just as you suggest.  However I find that I need to store only a small amount, keeping that in the refrigerator.  When I want to make bread I remove it from the refrigerator  and build in two steps allowing about 8 to 12 hours of fermentation (at room temperature, 70 to 85°F) in between feedings.  The starter is ready to go then.  I also keep a small amount of dried starter in a plastic bag in the case of disaster.


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You should realize that if you keep more starter, you have to feed proportionally it more. If you feed one cup of starter using 125 g of flour and 125 g of water, then you should feed two cups of starter with 250 g of flour and 250 g of water.

If you do what you're suggesting, you would be underfeeding the starter a bit. Doing it once isn't a big deal, but if you underfeed on an ongoing basis, you may see changes to the starter you don't like.

Do you really need to maintain 3 to 4 cups of starter? Unless you're keeping the starter at room temperature and baking daily so that you constantly need a good supply of active starter, you'll probably end up finding you're wasting a lot of flour maintaining so much starter. It's easy enough to build up the amount you need when you need it.

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tanga sour

A quick and speedy method to refresh your starter without discarding part of your starter:  take your starter out of refrigerator. Divide the starter into 2 separate bowls. Add the amount of flour and water that you calculate you need to each bowl.  Stir, cover. Let each bowl sit at room temp for 6 to 12 hours, until double in volume.