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Shop Soya flour - Enzyme active or Not

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Shop Soya flour - Enzyme active or Not

I'd like to buy Enzyme active Soya flour in the UK. There are several types, but no brands I've found say which one.

7B Soy Flour  is minimally heat processed and most nearly resembles the native defatted portion in raw soybeans. It possesses maximum enzyme activity; consequently, it is the product of choice for enzyme bleaching activity in bread systems. Only used in bread up to 0.5% to avoid beany flavour.
Enzyme-active  soy  flour  is  the  best  "natural"  dough  strengthener  available  to  the  bread  baker. While  its  initial  use  was  as  a  crumb  whitener  (lipoxygenase  bleaches  the  carotenoid  pigments  in flour)  this  effect  is  considered  as  secondary  to  the  ability  to  strengthen  gluten,  giving  larger  loaf volume and finer finished grain.

Bakers Soy Flour  has been moderately heat treated. Its greatest use is in bakery and cereal applications.

Toasted Soy Flour  is fully heat treated and is used in cookies, crackers, cereals, beverages, calf milk replacers, and fermentation media. Heating removes the beany/grassy flavour.

Lecithinated  Soy  Flour,  with  its  enhanced  emulsifier  functionality,  allows  partial  reduction  in  the amount of whole eggs and milk powder used in making the batter. The water-retention capability of soy flour also produces a moister cake with a longer shelf life.

Bob's Red Mill - Low Fat Soy Flour packet says: "The beans are ground and the flour is lightly toasted".
Bob's Red Mill - Wholegrain & Organic Soy Flour packets don't mention toasting and are described as  "freshly ground on cool and slow turning, century-old stone-buhr millstones from premium quality raw soybeans".

I have a bag of Infinity Foods Organic Soya Flour. The label says "Produced by toasting, crushing then milling",  so I guess it's not active.

Either Bob's Red Mill - Wholegrain or Organic Wholegrain sound OK but I'm not sure.

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Either Bob's Red Mill - Wholegrain or Organic Wholegrain sound OK but I'm not sure.

I would just send them an email.  Good luck.