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Jeff's Babydoll


Hi Everyone,

I received a kitchen aid for a Christmas present and for Valentine's Day, I received a wonderful grain grinder attachment.  I bought soft white wheat berries and am trying to make my own cakes, but they are coming out very dry.  Can I use my freshly ground flour as a substitute for all-purpose flour and cake flour?  Would adding more liquid to my recipes help?


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Your freshly ground flour is whole wheat flour.  All purpose flour is not a whole wheat flour.  Adding more liquid will help but your baked goods will not be as light as using AP flour.

From the standpoint of health and also flavor, using whole wheat is a good idea.  You might try using 50% AP flour and 50% of your flour for a more satisfying final product.


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I have successfully used whole wheat flour in place of AP flour for quick breads that are dark in color (like chocolate quick breads) and are leavened by baking soda and baking powder, but I would not recommend using whole wheat flour in a cake like a genoise where leavening is primarily from beaten/whipped eggs.