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The 17th Bake

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The 17th Bake

I have too much starter, and I am too frugal to throw it out (sorry Mr. Forkish) so I made Sourdough-Bacon Pancakes

Then it was time to bake off the loaves from the overnight proof

Time to take the lids off




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Your bakes are wonderful!  What is the pan that you used for the baguette?  Love your scoring on the baguette.  Very nice!


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Fantastic looking bread and those pancakes are killing me! I'm trying to lose some weight, so seeing those pork filled wonders are just too much for me :).

How big is your baguette basket?  I have a wider one but I was thinking of getting one similar to yours.  That looks like it came out great.

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Also, what did you put on top of your loaves?  Is that cracked wheat or wheat germ?

Do you mind sharing your recipe for your ridiculously good looking pancakes?  I've made SD waffles but not pancakes yet so I would love to give yours a try.



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Linda- the basket is a cane basket I picked up in Germany, it is 23" long and 2" wide at the bottom then flairing out to 3" at the top.

Ian- see above for answer one. I use oat and wheat bran on the bottom of my baskets, I like the taste. No worries on the Pancake recipe, warning* I don't use grams when "cooking". 

(small batch it is just my wife and I)

1 c Starter (mine is 75% hydro)

1 ea. Egg

1/2 t. Baking Soda

2 t. Sugar

1/2 t. Salt ( I use kosher)

2 T Milk

2 T Melted Butter or Veg Oil

as needed Whole Wheat Flour


Have you pan ready when you are begin to mix the recipe.

If you are like me and do not chill your eggs, beat the egg with the milk and melted butter (or pull the egg out the night before and let the milk come up to room temp). Mix this into the starter, sprinkle sugar and salt over the mixture.

Sift the baking powder with a little flour, have more flour to thicken on the side.

If you are going to add nuts or bacon or something dence like that dust it with flour and sift, that way it will suspend itself in the batter instead of sinking to the bottom.

Add the flour/baking soda and bacon* to the wet ingredients and fold in. Adjust with sprinkles of flour to get a fairly thick batter. Fry right away for the lightest pancakes. The baking powder will react to the starter quickly so it is best to be ready with a hot griddle.

All the best,


P.S. Questions? I am not good at writing recipes.

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I din't like throwing starter away either  - nswe don't We just keep making stuff till it is gone :-)  I like brans on my ryes so I can tell when to bake them off and use them as part of the Toadie Toastings - really yummy inside too .   Love your baggie basket too.

Nice baking all arouund Wingnut!

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I normally don't care about pancakes (because of the calories...yes, I love to eat it with butter and maple syrup), but after looking at your photos, I have surrendered to my desire. 

Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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Kind words indeed Michelle, much appreciated.