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"The 3-Kilo Boule"

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"The 3-Kilo Boule"

I have been reading a sample of "FLOUR, WATER, SALT, YEAST" by Ken Forkish on my kindle. It has intrigued me enough to order a copy from Amazon. I noticed he mentions "The 3-Kilo Boule". I am thinking WOW! That must be a monster loaf; I have got to make me one of these. I am thinking an all white loaf scaled up from his recipe for "THE SATURDAY WHITE BREAD". I will use live yeast as I just got a nice fresh cake from my friends "The Lovely Bakers from Felixstowe".

The questions i have is has anyone made one of these large loaves?


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Tommy gram

I have made many big loafs, my friend, mixed by hand, with wild yeast. Harness the power of the wild yeast and you will be a bread baker. Commercial yeast? Pshaw, man!