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Drying starter

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Drying starter



After some recent issues with my starter I'm looking to dry some as a back up. I'm going for drying it out on parchment paper, but wondered when is best to dry? I'm assuming that once the starter has reached its peak after feeding would be best but just wondered what other peoples experiences were?





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Mini Oven

If low humidity, dry it peaked.

If high humidity and drying may take a day or two, feed it first, it will peak while drying. 

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In the last few years a member moved from the US to South Africa and then back after a few years. He developed a method that worked beautifully for him and I have also used it successfully. I actually found the thread! Here it is:

I have done the same thing. Really build the yeast population for a few days with great feedings and warmth. When it is very active, take a teaspoon and mix it with enough flour to "dry" it out. You may start with a spoon but should end up rubbing it between your fingers to get it really dry feeling. Voila! Bag,atg,freeze(if you want) or don't. I just add water and a feeding to revive and let it get on its feet. Worked great!