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Starter strength - surprising discovery

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Starter strength - surprising discovery

i was planning a bake earlier this week and i thought i would build the starter first.

i took some starter @60% hydration from my fridge.

this had not been fed for a few weeks, the i remembered what the person who gave the recipe said about the starter needing to be strong.

i fed the starter at 9PM and set it aside to ferment over night.

in the morning at 6AM i checked it and was not happy with what i saw.

it had not really grown as i expected - so i binned it.
i then took some starter that i had fed the day before to the following schedule.

after first feed @ 14:00pm.

after first fermentation @ 18:08pm.

after second feed @ 18:10pm.

after second fermentation @ 21:27pm.

after third feed @ 21:34pm.

after final fermentation @ 07:18am on day 2.

now that is more like what i was looking for.
i hope this shows other bakers too be careful with their starter build.
a weak starter does not give your dough a chance.
i am glad i did not accept the first starter and went for another build.



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and 8-12 hours in the winter then you just need to feed it again until it does.  Its a good rule of thumb.  Thanks for the post