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Gluten-free baking-machine newbie in London

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Gluten-free baking-machine newbie in London

Hi all! This is rather an odd place to find myself, as a wheat-intolerant; bread, bread, everywhere... :-D  But since wheat-free bread (or gluten-free, pretty much, since I can't eat rye either) is so expensive, I've decided it's time to start making my own. I've just been given a bread-making machine, I'm told it's very handy for gluten-free baking - unfortunately the instructions are missing - if anyone has instructions for a Breville BR2, please let me know! Likewise, if anyone has any good pointers for gluten-free baking, I'm all ears. It does appear that I need to obtain some xanthan gum, as it appears in a lot of recipes. I've made decent flapjacks, brownies, pancakes, and cakes (using oats/ nut flours/ gluten-free mix flour) but so far not ventured into bread.

Another proviso (purists, look away now) is that I don't have a LOT of time. I'm a musician, with a dayjob, so I'm juggling quite a bit to fit everything in, and much as I like to develop a new obsession, I'm going to have to rein myself in a bit. This is a functional necessity, rather than my new hobby... :-)  Therefore, I'm looking for the least complex recipes; I'm hoping to find a system where I just chuck stuff in the bread-maker, and hey presto...

Are there any other gluten-free members in this forum? Or are you going to chase me out of town? :-D 

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Mini Oven

Welcome to the site!  I have no problems with gluten free bread just as long as it's bread.  I'm not gluten free yet, but one never knows ...      :)  Mini Oven

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Hi, hellohelenhere!  I am new to the site too, but so far I have found it to be a great place and a wealth of information and help.  I'm sure you will find what you need here!

Katie in SC 

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You can try Bob's Red Mill site @ Go to the recipe section, type in gluten free bread. There are numerous gluten free bread recipes, machine and conventional. They also carry a ton of gluten free products.

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Thanks, Paddyscake, I'll take a look at that site.