I'm new to this forum and don't really know where to post this. If this place isn't appropriate, plz tell me where it should be. I'm also nearly new to baking bread and know almost nothing about the bread process. I just bought a bread machine on Craigslist and want to make a whole wheat spinach bread. Here's a recipe I found that seems like it would be delish, but there's no spinach in it. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/flax-and-sunflower-seed-bread/detail.aspx?scale=15&ismetric=0 So, I have some questions. I've read how to prepare spinach for bread -- cook it and drain and then puree. I also would like to add a little garlic to that mixture, cooked with the spinach. I would like to use nearly no sweetener because I avoid sugar as much as possible. Could I substitute Truvia for the honey? If so, would the added moisture in the spinach sub for the lack of honey and its moisture? Or, will omitting honey ruin the bread or will it taste terrible without any sweetener? Can I substitute olive oil for the butter? And if use "butter" can I use margarine instead? I try to be as vegan as possible. So, can you guide me on these issues? Oh, and what would be an appropriate amt of spinach to use? A friend told me to use one bunch, but goodness, bunches vary in size.