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Hi from London

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Hi from London


Alex here, joining the forum as part of my resolutions for 2013 - to understand more about a hobby of mine. I've been baking for almost two years now, and what has started as assistance to a family tradition turned me into a tradition-keeper. Here to learn and engage in discussions through participation, contribution and admiration.

Enjoy your day!

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There is much to learn here at TFL.  I'll give you a couple of tips to help you as you wade in.

1. See that little white box at the upper left hand corner of the page?  The one with a grey button labeled "Search" underneath it?  That is your key to more answers than you can think of questions right now.  Type in a word or phrase that is of interest to you, "mixer" maybe, or "pannetone".  (Note that the quotation marks aren't needed.)  You will get a list of the posts featuring that term dating back to 2005 or so.

2.  The list of links at the top of the page (yellow text in a black strip) will each take you in a different direction.  Explore freely.

I look forward to seeing your contributions.


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Hey Paul,

Thank you for the welcoming message and all the helpful hints on the search, I will make sure to put those to a good use.

Enjoy your evening,


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Welcome to TFL, Alex. Lovely to see someone local joining the forum. I'm from Greater London area. Hope you'll enjoy this wonderful community as much as I do. :)

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welcome Alex, I am from Birmingham and admit without this forum my learning would be stunted. Keep baking it maklezs the day better. Albert