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First steps

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First steps

Weel, a nice sunny day, cold outside , frozen but with snow that makes everything look merry. A wonderfull day for baking inside, and for me to gather the courage to write this post.

after reading here for almost a year, I gathered my courrage and I post my bread. It is a whole wheat bread with some seeds in it. I have a Komo mill and I make my own flour.

thank you all for inspiring me, for posting all the information and havingr the patience to answer alla the questions, this forum is a gold mine.

so here is my bread, fresh from the wood fired owen,  the first slice with smoked fish, fresh onion, just a little grated ginger and some letuce.


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Corina, Wonderful to see you posting.   Looks like you have a lot going on in the bread department and your bread looks great.   Is it 100% whole wheat?   Can you share some details?  -Varda

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Thank you Varda for the nice words.

As I Said, I mill my own flour, from grains from a local grower that has organic farm. I sift the flour taking only about 10 % bran out, which I use to making "borsh" that is some fermented water, that is used for sour soups?

I live in Romania, so Codruta was my inspiration, but afterwards I discovered Pip's blog where I got my taste for milling my own grains, for trying whole wheat fresh from a mill, then reading here I got to know you all, I now everyone's blog and I had so much to learn!

the recipe is from Pip's blog, but I had some leftover seeds ,sunflower and linseeds, put them to soak and the bread was amazing! It is my best one so far, the kitchen was full of smell. I have a wood stove in the dining room, that has a built in oven,where I cook special things in winter.

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Your bread looks wonderful and I know that you have put in a lot of effort to make that bread from home milled flour.  Really nice work.


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Corina, beautiful looking bread.  Your crumb looks excellent and I'm sure with your mill you must have a great taste.  Would love to see a photo of your special oven if you get a chance.

thanks for sharing your bread and hope to see more from you soon.