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HELP! Cake Yeast Got Wet

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HELP! Cake Yeast Got Wet

Living in a place where bread has to be made (Thailand, land of rice and more rice) I have to travel 2 hours to get to a bakers supply.  Well, they had refridgerated cake yeast and I bought a brick of it.  I know that yeast wants to be kept cool so it doesn't activate, so I had a cooler with me and purchased some ice to keep it cool on the way back home, not thinking about the ice melting and it laying in the water for a couple of hours!!!!!   I did not open the yeast when I got home, rather I let it drip as much as it could and then put it in a container and back into the refridgerator.  My question is:  will it be okay to use as long as it is kept cool, even if it got wet?  I can get packaged instant yeast near where I live, but thought I would try the real stuff.  Grrrrrr.....

Thank for any input. pe


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I am not sure, but I would do a proof test to see if the yeast is still active.  Put some in a 1/4 cup of water with some sugar dissolved in it and see if you get foaming from the active yeast.  If yes, then bake, if no - then toss.


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Mini Oven

I would go get some corn starch, at least 300g of it.   Spread it out on a tray and plop the brick of yeast into it and start cutting up the yeast into about 20g pieces. Use the starch to absorb moisture and roll wet pieces in starch and place on a tray to freeze quickly.  When frozen put them into a bag and keep frozen until needed.  Keep some of the fresh yeast fresh for immediate baking.   ...and test it to proof before each bake.

If the brick has turned completely into liquid, pour into ice cube trays to freeze.  Toss frozen cubes into cold starch to coat and keep frozen until use.

That is about all I can come up with.