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Can I use a proofing box as a dehydrator?

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Can I use a proofing box as a dehydrator?

Hello! Does anyone know if you can use a bread proofing box as a dehydrator? To dry fruits, veggies, etc.


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I don't think so.  The lack of adequate air circulation would make is slow and inefficient.  Most food dehydrators have some type of fan that moves the warmed air over the food, faciliating evaporation.  The proofer does not have a fan and actually, its enclosure is made to inhibit drying.


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for doing stuff like drying garlic salt. But actually, I am with linder. Don't do it for things that might spoil (the high concentration of salt in mine keeps me safe. Not sure where you are located but here in the US, one can but a set of stacking, perforated plastic trays with a dehydrator base for a song. Thats waht I use for everything else including dried meats. So, why bother. Buy one and you can share the use of it with friends, family and neighbors.