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Does this bread thermometer exist?

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Does this bread thermometer exist?


I am not the baker in the family.  Hubby is but I am the "researcher".  He is looking for a thermometer that will stay in the oven in the bread like the traditional meat thermometer.  He was looking one that just said temperature.

Does anyone know if any such kind exists? (The ones I have found are plastic lens so they can't stay in the oven)

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Mini Oven

probe thermometer

you get lots of info 

I use a meat thermometer and/or a candy thermometer, both with stainless shafts and glass faces.  There are fancier ones.

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At one time I had a digital read out Taylor (brand) timer/oven thermometer which had a probe which could be pushed into the item being baked. It gave a continuous readout of the temp and had a settable alarm to alert you when the desired temp had been reached.  It must have been in the $20-30 range in price.

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Postal Grunt

I use an inexpensive digital BBQ thermometer that I found at Home depot for less than $20. It works equally well for my breads and for the grill. It's small, waterproof, and the replacement battery can be found just about anywhere. I haven't found the need to spend more than that.

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the probe goes into the loaf - the reader is magnetic backed so sticks to my oven door
the wire is shut in door as it closes
i set mine to a max temp and it beeps when that is achieved/
this unit has all sort of timers count-down / count-up
min and max oven temp readouts
i make all my doughs using it - water/flour/air temp all taken with it.

i think they deliver anywhere in the world