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baguette in covered stream tray

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baguette in covered stream tray

I got this idea from another post on TFL but can't seem to find it again - props to whoever you are.

Anyway, the idea is that since you can't use the DO method with a baguette, you use a covered steam tray which can accomodate a 3 loaf baguette form.

I used a basic lean dough formula (100% bread flour) and standard forming routine. The oven was pre-heated to 500F with the uncovered pan on top the stone. I place the loaded baguette form in the pan, added 6 oz of water, and covered it. 10 minutes later lowered the oven temp to 450F,  rotated the covered pan 180 deg.  The last 10 minutes the loaves were left to finish uncovered.

I gave two away to the nieghbors since I've been eating WAY too much bread - the last one was for breakfast:

Looks good, tastes good. The crumb was tight due ( I imagine ) to using 100% bread flour and perhaps some overworking and impatience on my part during the rise. ;-)