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The Fallen

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The Fallen

Just put multigrain bread in oven that proofed over top of pan. When I checked 30 min later, bread had fallen and was BELOW pan top! What happened?


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sad about your bake.

before anyone else asks, can you give us a bit more info.

oven temp, proofing times, recipe consistency - any pics would be good.

others will ask for more i am sure.


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classic overproof to me.

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thing happened to me the first time I made Peter's 100% wholewheat bread from Artisan Breads Every Day. I've heard the term "overproof" and it may have applied in my case. I let the dough rest overnight as Peter's recipe calls for, but I had to fight it the whole time as it wanted to expand out of the bowl. I had to keep pushing it down. When the time came to form the loaves for the pans, they expanded well above the rim. But in the oven at 350 (as Peter's recipe called for) they fell. The bread still tasted great, but I couldn't understand what had happened.