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Pane Siciliano from BBA

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May 28, 2007 - 4:55pm -- susanfnp


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Submitted by susanfnp on

Thanks. I enjoyed it. It was fun to make and is quite a spectacular-looking bread. The soft crumb is typically Italian and a bit of a departure from the chewier, crustier breads I usually make, but the flavor is wonderfully nutty wth the sesame seeds. And it makes great toast!


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Submitted by browndog on

Susan, is it an enriched dough or is it softer because of the flour you used? I'm in a struggle to make an artisan loaf that looks as good as it tastes but I can't say I prefer chewy and balance is proving elusive. This looks very nice.

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Submitted by susanfnp on

It does have 6.3% olive oil (baker's percentage). The flour is 50% semolina and 50% "regular" or high-gluten flour. I used my normal bread flour, but the crumb would doubtless have been chewier with the high-gluten.



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Submitted by kjknits on

They look delicious!  I'll have to try them soon.  Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photo, Susanfnp.

Katie in SC 

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Submitted by jane on


I really love your bread shape. They are beautiful


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Submitted by dave1355 on


Looks just like the recipe in the BBA... something that I never seem to accomplish!

Very nice job.  I have made so many goofs, it is encouraging to see someone getting it right.


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Submitted by fleur-de-liz on

Susan:  Such lovely loaves. Did you use Reinhart's formula with yeast or did you convert it to sourdough? Thanks!