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Using Macadams Five-Deck Ovens (Problems--Solutions??)

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Using Macadams Five-Deck Ovens (Problems--Solutions??)


I've just started using a Macadams five-deck oven in my new job. I'm pretty sure the oven is being completely underused by the last batch of bakers and would like to know if anyone has a primer on how these ovens work (or a manual!). There is only one temperature read-out, steam for each of the five decks and some kind of vent above the first deck for each of the five decks. I'm interested in differences between decks in temperature, what the vents are for, specific peculiarities for these kinds of deck ovens versus other types of ovens, etc.


Thanks so much for any information in advance!


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Probably the oven is using gas,

one temperature is set for all the decks,

the difference in temperature it could vary usually around 10 celcious up or down,

you have to measure this with a lazer pistol thermometer.

The vents are for keeping moisture inside the deck or release it so you can ,for example , have a harder crust.

Feel free to ask anything else!

Usually this type of oven are for bread baking,but if you have just a little bit of experience you can use them for pastry also.