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Bouchon Bakery - Speculoos

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Bouchon Bakery - Speculoos

The next installment of my baking challenge. These cookies were a bit harder to handle. You must keep the dough chilled just enough to roll it out and cut the shapes. Then I put the whole thing on the back of a sheet pan and into the freezer before trying to remove the cut cookie from the rolled dough. I deviated from the recipe on this with the spice. Instead of using cinnamon I used a spice blend I mix myself and enjoy very much. Most people dont like it because its very strong with clove, anise, cinnamon, and white pepper. It actually made the cookies taste like baclava. My wife who doesnt like my blend even ate up a few of these cookies. One thing to note is on some of the recipes they dont state a temp for convection ovens only standard. This recipe stated 325 standard oven. I used 325 convection and all was fine. My cookies baked about 14 min total. I rotated them after 10 min. Im thinking a honey flavored buttercream with some walnuts medium ground to top will make this an amazing little treat.

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They look good!  Thanks for giving your views on each recipe, it will be handy when I come to make them from the book.