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#BreadChat January 2013 transcript -- Slightly New Format, Feedback requested

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#BreadChat January 2013 transcript -- Slightly New Format, Feedback requested

Hello, this is bagel_and_rye from Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers. Today we hosted the first #BreadChat of 2013 on Twitter. We would like to ask for feedback on the #BreadChat transcript, below.

After posting previous #BreadChat transcripts, we received feedback that the transcript was disorganized and difficult to read and follow. We made some changes during the chat in the hopes of increasing the chat's organization and readability. Did we succeed? 

Today's chat focussed on challenges that arise when adding large quantities of butter and other fats to bread dough. We asked the following questions:

Q1: What are techniques to strengthen gluten before adding fat to dough? Autolysis, kneading, stretch+fold, long fermentation? #BreadChat

Q2: Instead of mixing butter into dough, we can "laminate:" rolled layers of dough, butter. Tips for those attempting lamination? #BreadChat

Q3: Where there's butter, sugar and eggs often follow. Special problems posed by doughs high in both fat+sugar? Effects of eggs? #BreadChat


Below is the transcript of the chat. Please read from bottom to top.



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers super organised. Thank you #Breadchat 

Terry Lyons ‏@cannyfradock@ThePhoenixBaker saw your post on #BreadChat. Always wanted to try croissants..any tips or perhaps a recipe for home baker.....please 

Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers Will have to catch up with #breadchat. Been at a @TasteRFLudlow meeting 

Dalay ‏@DavidAlayetoHi there, David from Madrid... Late! I'll try to catch up reading fast... :) #breadchat

baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_Saborit Autolys: Well knead, knead only = ECO;-) #breadchat

Edesia's Kitchen ‏@Edesiaskitchen @realfoodfans @AmateurBakers Feb 20th for next one #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ilovephillippas Happy to have you following along, on today's #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @realfoodfans @Edesiaskitchen Next #BreadChat is Feb 20. Also, today's #BreadChat transcript will be posted soon @thefreshloaf


Terry Lyons ‏@cannyfradock @cannyfradock #BreadChat.....What a fascinating hour.....cheers guys......Terry S.Wales


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @lapindor Happy to have you with us on #BreadChat!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Edesiaskitchen Hello! We will post #BreadChat transcript soon @thefreshloaf. Please have a read, and join us for the next #BreadChat Feb 20

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterThanks everyone for another great #breadchat. Now time to feed my starter and I'll go to bed soon. See you soon on the 20th of February!

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersWe tried some new ways of moderating #BreadChat today, to keep the chat organized and easy to follow. Thoughts, feedback for us?

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerThanks to all for this #breadchat, @floursaltwater @AmateurBakers and all the other participants ! Have a good night, day, evening.

jill farrimond ‏@lapindor @AmateurBakers #BreadChat, Hi have been listening in from Devon, UK,

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersIf you have thoughts on February's #BreadChat topic, please tweet them to @AmateurBakers or @BreadChat.

Fuel Stop Bread ‏@FuelStopBread So much to learn... been an insightful hour. Thanks #BreadChat

Edesia's Kitchen ‏@Edesiaskitchen"@AmateurBakers: If you've been listening in to #BreadChat, please say hello and tell us from where you're listening." Late arrival. Sorry .

Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasComThanks to @EricFrenchBaker and @floursaltwater for a fascinating #breadchat, one of the best ever! Thnks @AmateurBakers and see you soon! 

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersNext #BreadChat is February 20, same time, same place. Please mark your calendars, and please RT!

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater Fantastic chemistry lessons on #Breadchat . The geek in me is happy.


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker interesting topic, gluten isn't fully understood by modern science, protein + water behaviour terribly complex #breadchat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterThanks for your questions and presence at #breadchat today. Great thank you to @AmateurBakers for organizing and to @EricFrenchBaker.

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @jalaine Moi Jarkko! Yes, today's has been an excellent #BreadChat. We will post today's transcript @thefreshloaf soon.


Janice Bell ‏@jbell54 #breadchat signing out now from Bewdley. Thanks for food for thought.


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat thanks to all the hosts!


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @PanarrasCom Thanks for that. I'll have a look. #breadchat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker @floursaltwater #BreadChat thank you very enlightening as always! Oz signing off!


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater Overoxydation leads also to an tough gluten, a thin and crackling crust and a tight crumb. Yuk ! #breadchat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @tiaingle suspect your ambient temps are higher than in UK so you may need to work faster? #Breadchat


Jarkko Laine ‏@jalaine @AmateurBakers Oh boy, I'm late again :) But you seem to have good discussion going on here! #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersTopics you'd like to discuss at next month's #BreadChat?


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersIf you've been listening in, please say hello and tell us where you listen from. #BreadChat.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersBread bakers, you're welcome to stay on and continue the chat as long as you like. #BreadChat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker Q3, Q1 on the effect of sugar on gluten: … experimental evidence on its effect #breadchat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterOveroxyziding: Think egg whites, if you whisk it it turns white. Same with bread. #realbread has a natural creamy or gray crumb #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersThe official #BreadChat ends in 2 minutes. A big thank you to our co-hosts Eric (@EricFrenchBaker) and (@floursaltwater)!


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat ...caretonoids... temperature must be important too


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater It's, indeed, a very good technique. I love it. It also helps to increase the hydration is you knead well. #breadchat

Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat ...but oxygen promotes yeast growth which is useful for sourdough breads?


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterOveroxydizing? It has to do with the loss of carotenoids naturally present in the flour that carry lots of flavour #breadchat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EastcourtManor Agree. Wet doughs seem to work well with less kneading - less mess too #Breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterAutolysis allows you to have a shorter mixing time, so you loose less flavour by not over oxygenating the dough. #breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @floursaltwater @EricFrenchBaker @tiaingle that is a good correction Eric :-) #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater That's why I say that the term autolysis is restrictive and doesn't describe all the phenomenons. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersIf you've been listening in to #BreadChat, please say hello and tell us from where you're listening.


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater #Breadchat also prefer to knead for less and use autolysis, time and a bit of folding.

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @EricFrenchBaker @PanarrasCom @tiaingle Like lots of things in baking we share with the artisan way we did bread before #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @PanarrasCom @tiaingle Calvel didn't invent the technique. He formalised it. It's an old method know by hand kneaders. #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat agree with Eric that 10mins is a long knead by hand and requires a wet dough or will be too long


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @_Fagus_ Welcome to #BreadChat!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersIf you've been listening in to #BreadChat and are itching to ask a question, now is your chance! #BreadChat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater indeed it is, but oh how it has catched on! We say 'Autólisis' in spanish... #breadchat


Fagus ‏@_Fagus_ Adding a solid levain or preferment and combined with a retarded adding of fat or sugar we can add strenght to the dough. #BreadChat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat keeping qualities: I am eating 4 week old stollen right now...bread is usually too hard at that age


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater Usually, by hand, I knead even less than 10 min... I prefer an autolysis and a short kneading. #breadchat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @EricFrenchBaker Getting amylase going? But you can see clearly that gluten bounds form by feeling the dough. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers RT @MortalGreenWhim "And this is where autolysis lends a hand!" Be sure to mark your tweets with #BreadChat, so we can hear you

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater The term autolysis is quite unprecise as it is related only to the lysis activity of the enzymes, not the rest... #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater #breadchat Autolysis might contain sourdough if the liquid levain is a good percentage of the hydration in the final recipe. #breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @tiaingle Q1 autolysis usually done just after initial mixing of the ingredients. Inventor & promoter of technique: Raymd. Calvel #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle a nice post explaining autolysis, for reading later:  #BreadChat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat autolysis: mix bread and flour without salt or yeast for 20mins to help develop gluten. Make sure it's not too dry


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater That's one of the reasons why industrial loaves look "fresh" longer.#breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @tiaingle Q1 autolysis: a period of dough conditioning, usually w/o salt & yeast, where hydration and some gluten bonding happen #breadchat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @floursaltwater @ericfrenchbaker #BreadChat that would all depend on weather temp at +30 here keeping has limitations! :)


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater High fat content keeps the product softer for longer. It doesn't slow down the staling process. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterOverkneading by hand: Maybe I'm a bit lazy, I do tend to get tired after some 15-min kneading and give up :) #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterAutolysis is a term coined by prof Raymond Calvel, which means mix water and flour and rest for 1+ hours. Gluten forms passively. #breadchat

Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat definitely possible to overknead by hand and start breaking the gluten down. ..

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle #breadchat Q1 autolysis please! :)


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: Other interesting thing, I do believe breads with higher fat keep longer. What do you say @EricFrenchBaker ? #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EastcourtManor asked about "over oxygenating the dough" #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle asked about autolysis in layman terms #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersLet's move on to open discussion. We have 15 min to discuss any questions related to yeasted bread baking. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : usually, fats increase extensibility, not elasticity. Eggs present fat and emulsifiers properties. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: All fats do tenderize the dough making it + extensible, maybe that's what you say @tiaingle. What you think @EricFrenchBaker? #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ3 #breadchat eggs have a strange effect on gluten - they are surprisingly dry with moderate fat content


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker #BreadChat mmm now I understands why my Finnish yeast buns rise so quickly I don't use much sugar in them!


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : high fat content slows down fermentation too. Main trouble : the shaping. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle RT Q3 #BreadChat find eggs add to elasticity of dough


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: Problems working with higher fat? Not really familiar with, don't do them that much. Will leave this one to @EricFrenchBaker #breadchat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @floursaltwater #BreadChat thank you!


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @tiaingle @EricFrenchBaker Osmotic = difference in pressure due to difference in solution concentration. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle @EricFrenchBaker 'osmotic' meaning that sugar molecules suck in water, which yeasts needs for fermentation #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: @tiaingle Sugar is osmotic, draws water to it, this slows down leavening since yeasts "move slower" with less water 4 them #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : Every ingredient can have an effect on the gluten net but not always directly. Sugar doesn't interact directly. #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ3 #breadchat with high butter content shaping is very dependent on dough temperature. Braid your brioche will its cold!

Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @floursaltwater @EricFrenchBaker Q3 that's true for small quantities of sugar. But over 10% sugar osmotic pressure takes its toll #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : Small content of sugar speeds up the fermentation (more energy available). High content slows down... #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @EricFrenchBaker Right! Wondering if it can have both slowing and faster effect on fermentation… then we achieve same level :) #breadchat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @EricFrenchBaker #BreadChat osmotic,please in layman chat too early here for my brain to function :)


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersQ3: Where there's butter, eggs and sugar often follow. Special problems posed by doughs high in both fat+sugar? Effects of eggs? #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: High sugar content means also faster caramelization, should be careful when baking. Maybe need to sink temperature earlier #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ThePhoenixBaker @jbell54 Thank you, we're on question 3 now, will re-tweet it #BreadChat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker Q3 we seem to disagree on the effect on sugar upon gluten formation... do you think it doesn't interfere? #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : High content of sugar would slow down the fermentation (problem of osmotic pressure). #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ3 #breadchat very long fermentation times over 12 hours for sourdough panettones...


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ3 : High content of eggs can give a dry aspect to the product. #breadchat

baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_Saborit @floursaltwater Q1 no idea, which is that in very long kneaded delay loads helps #breadchat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ3: As @EricFrenchBaker said when answering some Q1 question, higher sugar means faster fermentation. Reduce yeast quantity.#breadchat

Aidan and Lisa ‏@ThePhoenixBaker @AmateurBakers when laminating croissant, mix some flour into the butter square up and place in fridge with dough for 1 hour #breadchat


Janice Bell ‏@jbell54Q2 @floursaltwater @tiaingle #breadchat I use goats butter with good effect

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q3: Where there's butter, sugar and eggs often follow. Special problems posed by doughs high in both fat+sugar? Effects of eggs? #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: Anyway, please do try making laminated doughs at home at least once! Very fun and challenging. The results are good! #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersIt's time for our last pre-submitted question. Moving on to question #3. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ2 : I would recommend to avoid salted butter in any recipe as you can't control the rate of salt. But it can be used on purpose. #breadchat

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @floursaltwater #BreadChat wouldn't that raise water content? Q2


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ2 : a good tric : work on a tray with cooling packs underneath. #breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker Q2 Very true. I have experienced that with butters with the same water %, some very plastic, others brittle #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: @tiaingle I've used salted butter for making croissants at home, didn't have any problems with that. #breadchat

Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ2 #breadchat eric what butter do you prefer?

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle @EricFrenchBaker Q2 presume always use unsalted butter #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: It's also important to be fast doing your folding and then cooling it in fridge. Be patient, leave it there one hour at least #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater Co-hosts, please stay on Q2. We can come back to Q1 in open discussion, last 15 min of #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ2 the quality of the cream(s) used for the butter changes a lot the plastic properties, not only water content. #breadchat


Janice Bell ‏@jbell54Q2 @Miquel_Saborit The purpose of laminating is to create layers which is why you need to keep them the same. #breadchat

Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ2 #breadchat Eric yes the flavour and water content of the butter can vary a great deal


Masa Madre ‏@masa_madre #BreadChat Q2, tempeture! cold butter


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater @EastcourtManor Sorry, not true. An extensive kneading is very easy by hand on a small quantity of dough.. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: As @EricFrenchBaker said, butters that contain less water and are more appropriate for lamination since they don't melt so ez. #breadchat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingleQ2 #BreadChat unsalted butter, right?


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @PanarrasCom @Miquel_Saborit We're on Q2 now. Let's get back to these ideas in open discussion in last 15 min of #BreadChat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ2 : the choice of the butter is very important. Some brand offer specific butters. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @EastcourtManor Just machine, really hard to overknead and over oxygenate the dough by hand. #breadchat


baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_SaboritQ2 mass and fat must have the same softness to be able to laminate #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater @Miquel_Saborit Sugar increases the osmotic pressure and can speed up fermentation. No effect on gluten directly.#breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @floursaltwater @Miquel_Saborit sugar molecules interfere with protein - H2O gluten bonding - robbing water from protein #breadchat

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim #BreadChat Q2 find soft butter in blobs rolls better when laminating an egg enriched dough rather than melted butter - for Chelsea Buns


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: Exactly @PanarrasCom! Both dough and butter should have the same texture when you're laminating them. #breadchat

Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @Miquel_Saborit Q1 I would say that you delay the interference of sugar with gluten when adding it later #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: When laminating at home think two things: COLD + FAST. Work on cold surfaces, cold hands and be as fast as you can. #breadchat

Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ2 #breadchat beat the butter with a rolling pin to soften it without getting it warm an oily

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersRT @EastcourtManor "over oxygenating the dough" We've moved on to Q2. Please ask this again in open discussion, last 15 min of #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @Miquel_Saborit Didn't know about that one! Wondering why, since the fine sugar granules would probably tear the gluten? #breadchat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasComQ2: in lamination, dough and fat block must have the same plasticity: respond to mechanical stress with the same deformation rate #breadchat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: When you're laminating doughs it's important to keep the layers of dough and butter separate #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: When you mix fats into the dough your objective is to tenderize the gluten, that's why you get a soft and tender crumb. #breadchat

baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_SaboritQ1 add sugar but later also helps form a gluten more strong. For example Panettone bread #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ1 #breadchat first time I've heard of over oxygenating the dough. Is this a problem for hand knead or just machine?


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersRT @tiaingle "Q1 autolysis in layman terms please" Let's get back to this open chat--last 15 min of #BreadChat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ2: Great question! I love laminated doughs. That's how you make croissants and all the danish pastries! #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersQ2: Instead of mixing butter into dough, we can "laminate:" rolled layers of dough, butter. Tips for those attempting lamination? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersNice discussion, bakers! Let's move on to question #2. #BreadChat

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle #breadchat Q1 autolysis in layman terms please

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ1: In general, think you should follow the same process you use for regular doughs. Just add big % fats to the dough at the end. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle @Miquel_Saborit @PanarrasCom @jbell54 Please include question number (e.g., "Q1") when you tweet, as well as #BreadChat

Janice Bell ‏@jbell54 @EastcourtManor #breadchat Q1 Yes, I found that happened with my last Brioche and it remained pale as a consequence.


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ1: Do remember that autolysis + short mix time are for flavour sake. Overly mixed doughs oxigenate and loose flavor #breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorQ1 #breadchat important not to over knead before adding the fat as the dough will continue to be manipulated


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ1: I think we're in agreement that for good gluten dev with fats: autolysis+short mix+add fat in the end+longer bulk+folds #breadchat

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle #breadchat can you explain autolysis please


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ1 : after autolysis, kneading with increase of hydration if needed just before to add the fat. #breadchat

baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_Saborit @floursaltwater of course, ok. #breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ1 : A good method : autolysis with a part of the liquid or everything, depending on the hydration rate. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @jbell54 Q1: Using autolysis shortens mixing time, since gluten forms passively, which is positive for flavour. #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersWhen you tweet to #BreadChat, also type the question (Q1, Q2, Q3) to which you reply. Off-topic tweets, please save for last 15 min of chat.


baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_Saborit @floursaltwater It is a pleasure to share this time with you. #breadchat ;-)


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasComA powerful tool for strengthening enriched doughs is the use of a pre-ferment. Organic acid content will do good for that gluten! #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @cannyfradock Hello and welcome! #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ1 : The best example for that is a fine brioche. #breadchat

Janice Bell ‏@jbell54 @floursaltwater #breadchat I think a combination of autolysis and working the dough in some way.


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ1: Then as Eric said, it's possible to obtain good gluten dev with a bigger bulk proofing and more folds. #breadchat


Terry Lyons ‏@cannyfradock #BreadChat.....hello Bakers.....


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @floursaltwater Perfectly true. #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @English_Cocker We're on question #1. Please save other topics until last 15 minutes, when we have open chat. #BreadChat


Kerstin Losch ‏@Kerstinskitchen @AmateurBakers #breadchat Made lots of Stollen over Christmas + experimented with long fermentation + kneading for butter + egg rich dough

Masa Madre ‏@masa_madre @AmateurBakers we use stretch+fold, also a good kneading #BreadChat


Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle #breadchat q1slow cool fermentation?


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ1 : Kneading is important but is not everything. A extensive kneading degrades the ingredients. #breadchat


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterQ1: First of all, if fats are a high percentage of the recipe they should be added in the end when you've obtained gluten dev. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersQ1: What are techniques to strengthen gluten before adding fat to dough? Autolysis, stretch+fold, kneading, long fermentation? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerQ1 : One of the best things is to give a long fermentation with folds.#breadchat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManor #breadchat q1 could add a pre-ferment to that list. ..

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers #BreadChat has begun. We're on question #1.

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwater @Miquel_Saborit Hola Miquel! Nice having you with us. #breadchat

baker/pastry/coffee ‏@Miquel_Saborit #breadchat hi from BCN! (Barcelona)


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersQ1: What are techniques to strengthen gluten before adding fat to dough? Autolysis, kneading, stretch+fold, long fermentation? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersRequirement for today's #BreadChat: Mark each tweet with #BreadChat + question (Q1, Q2, Q3) to which you reply. Will keep chat organized.

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers #BreadChat format: We discuss pre-submitted questions _only_ until 15 min before the hour. Last 15 min, open discussion

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersLet's get started with our pre-submitted questions #BreadChat

Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterSay hello everyone :) #breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @PanarrasCom @FuelStopBread @Kerstinskitchen Welcome to #BreadChat!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Welcome, Eric! We're thrilled to have you as our co-host again this month. #BreadChat


Kerstin Losch ‏@KerstinskitchenGood evening #breadchat from frosty Shropshire. Learned to make rye sourdough out of necessity - missing German bread in living in UK

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Welcome, Sonya! Happy to have you with us again on #BreadChat.

Fuel Stop Bread ‏@FuelStopBreadHi all, Shona of FuelStopBread here. I'm on the journey to setting up a home bakery / bread school. Looking forward to my first #BreadChat


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasComHi to all #breadchat participants from Barcelona! We are from , a homemade bread webpage


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersTo accommodate our many #BreadChat participants, we're going to make a special effort today to keep the chat organized.


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBakerWelcome everybody for the #breadchat ! :-)

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EastcourtManor Welcome, Steve! Hello from chilly Chicago. #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim #BreadChat delaying baking until temps go back up on Friday. -7 a bit chilly for me!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersA big welcome to @floursaltwater, joining us as co-host for today's #BreadChat. Welcome, Paulo!

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingle #breadchat G'Day from down under this is Tia looking forward to 1st chat this year

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tiaingle Welcome to you and all of our Australian bread bakers! #BreadChat


Eastcourt Manor ‏@EastcourtManorHi #breadchat, steve here from @eastcourtmanor in kent england


Paulo Sebastião ‏@floursaltwaterHi everyone! Welcome to #BreadChat! Paulo reporting for duty from Stockholm, Sweden. Baker apprentice by night, It-consultant by day.

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers #BreadChat format: 5 minutes to say hello, 40 min for pre-submitted questions, 15 min open discussion. @EricFrenchBaker@floursaltwater

Tia Ingle ‏@tiaingleJust watched the sun rise already +19C chooks busy chattering by kitchen window getting ready for #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersWhen you come online, please say hello, tell us from where you tweet, and what you're baking today. #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakersWelcome to #BreadChat! Co-hosted by @EricFrenchBaker and @floursaltwater.