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mobile ovens

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mobile ovens

I'm considering buying a mobile wood fired oven.  My husband, on the other hand, would like to build one.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Are you considering building a mobile oven or is the home built oven going to stay in one place? Whats the cost of the mobile ovens your looking at? Are you planning on building it using brick or refractory cement, making your own forms? Do you have masonry skills. If your going to make it mobile, are you planning on taking it on the road or just want to move it around the yard?

Just to give you an idea, the few ovens I built(non mobile) using fire brick cost around $1ooo to $1500 in material. 

sorry i'm jumping around a bit here but, lots of questions.


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Faith in Virginia
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with your local health department.  I hope it's less stringent in your area of VA than my area of PA.

I have a mobile WFO and first brought the HD a picture of firewithin trailer "the caterer" model. They told us they might only approve for catering - they wanted 4 walls and a floor for any mobile food business on the streets. (But as we discussed hotdot sidewalk carts they started to come around).

So our buy vs. build had to include that we might have a significant limit placed on our business opportunities if we went with the firewithin or similar models.

The part that couldn't be calculated was how long and what effort and what challenges we'd face in a build.  I can tell you we didn't necessarily save any money - it took much longer than we'd anticipated (because I can't seem to do anything the normal way - i have to try to innovate, can't help it).   But we did end up with a totally customized solution that we'll learn from and modify on future builds.   We can also say that our experience is a capital investment that will shorten the build time and reduce costs on the next unit, and turn out a production/retail environment that is better than this first unit.

And mobile food vending can be seasonal.  (In PA, winter stops us. So if you're going into the business, be sure to invest in the off-season so that you're finished and ready at the beginning of the season.)  If you need to get started and the season is upon you, and if your HD is agreeable to the firewithin setup - that might be a good starting point as it has a fixed cost and probably faster turnaround time than a first-time DIY build.



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I'd join the Yahoo Brick Oven forum.  Those guys helped me to build mine, soooo much information to be found there!!  And you can ask a million questions too! :) 

I love my oven!!  It's so awesome!

I hope you get to build one or buy one, they are great!!!