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Retarding herb-coated loaves overnight...advice?

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Retarding herb-coated loaves overnight...advice?

hello, I am planning on making a sourdough levain and topping it with za'atar (dried herbs + sesame seeds) ... After shaping, I will dip the loaves in water or oil and then into the za'atar so there is a nice even coating.

I always retard the dough in the fridge for ~12 hours (in couche-lined baskets), and I'm wondering if it might get icky if I coat the bread in the za'atar just after shaping (so there will be time for the oily/wet herb layer to soak into the couche) , and if it would not be better to use a lightly flour-dusted couche and then dip in herbs just before baking (which might be a delicate operation).


does anyone have experience with something along these lines, or any advice!?


many thanks,