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Bread video recipes

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Bread video recipes

Hi guys, 

Just new to this bread forum. I've been making bread for a few years now and just love it, but what I always find is that it's not that easy for beginners to find straightforward instructions for easy breadmaking. That's why I started making video recipes on bread making, at first it was just for fun, but I really want to continue doing it to help people with their breadmkaing skills. I always enjoy the feedback I get from my subscribers and viewers, and just love the fact that people are making my bread. But in a way, I would still consider myself an amateur bread baker when I compare myself and my breads to some of the stuff on this blog. So I would love to get some feedback on my videos from some fellow bread fans and how I could improve my skills and maybe which breads I could try for the future.

Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

Here's a link to my playlist of bread videos on YouTube:

And here's also a link to my Food Channel on YouTube, in case the link above doesn't work out for you: