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Multi grain

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Multi grain

I can't find a supplier to make multigrain bread. I need a multigrain mix to add to dough. How can I do it myself?


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You can make your own grain blend by using a combination of oats, millet, coarse cornmeal, cracked wheat or rye, flaxeeds, barley, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds - whatever grains you can find and prefer.   Most health food stores will have a selection, some in bulk.   The grain mix will need a soaker and if you're using coarse grains, boil the soaker water first then pour it over the grains.   Check Whole Foods and Trader Joe's if they're near you.

Hamelman has a nice formula for whole wheat multigrain in Bread.  It's in both editions, but the second edition formula is slightly different.

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You might want to try some of Bob's Red Mill Cereal Mixes that have lots of good grains in them.  Check out this website for a sample recipe -



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at Sprouts and use it all the time.  All you have to do is soak it overnight or scaled it and let it sit for 4 hours.  Using it raw combined with some; wheat and oat bran, sifted middlings and wheat germ that you can dry roast this mix in a skillet and have some of your own Toady Tom's Tasty Toasted Tidbits -  a great addition to any multi-grain bread.  You can just buzz up the Toadies Mix in a coffee mill and turn them into a flour if you want or soak them for 4 hours.   Then there are all the different grain berries that you can scald,  soak or sprout and then all the seeds, sesame, oregano, basil, kalonji, nigella, chia, hemp, cumin, coriander, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, millet,  flax ( I usually buzz flax up so your body can absorb the nutrients from them) and then all the huge pile of various nuts.  I usually have a host of these in my multi-grain breads depending on my apprentice's mood but you would be nuts to be so anal about it like she is :-)

Happy baking.