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I had a Canadian Enterprise gas range for more than 20 years and used a thermometer in the oven.  I loved it.  The oven thermostat broke and parts are not available anymore.  Money was tight and we got a built in electric oven (more accuracy, right?) with gas hobs at Ikea.  The box says Whirlpool and that's where we are supposed to go for service but it's called Datid.  I read the instructions and baking bread has three options, with or without air but top and bottom heat.  Never having had an electric oven, I followed directions, preheated, put some boiling water underneath a sourdough loaf and within 10 minutes the top heat (grill?) had burned the crust.  Does anybody have a similar oven and can explain how to bake a loaf of bread in it?  Many thanks.

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...affect how an oven bakes, and every oven is different.  A couple of things to try:

You said you heated the oven prior to placing the dough into the oven but didn't mention how long.  Many on TFL recommend heating the oven at least an hour before baking; some ovens may require longer. 

Are your shelves adjustable? You may want to lower the shelf to be further from the broiler coil at the top. 

Also, the accuracy of the temperature may be off. Get an oven thermometer to check if the interior temperature matches the setting.



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Mini Oven

Carefully check the instructions manuel with the images (and line thickness on symbols) of the settings dial so you know the selections.  It is easy to miss a thicker line that may mean "heat" as opposed to a zigzag line that means "grill."