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Hello from Colorado!

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Hello from Colorado!

Hey all,

been lurking for a while and first time posting. What made me join the site was my increasing fascination with bread and even more specifically, with sourdough and starters. 

I've had what I consider a good success with my first starter ever... It's now two plus weeks old and is a live and well. I am not one who feeds it every 12 hours but I do feed it daily, even though I intended to be a weekly user of the starter. It turns out the sourdough bread is swell, but using it to make pancakes is even better!  I love pancakes but they always seem so blah... I have been using a recipe for a while that makes nice, fluffy pancakes but the leftover ones end up being too dry. Sourdough pancakes, however,  are flavorful, chewy yet fluffy and survive the leftover ordeal really well, meaning they don't dry out and do remain flavorful. 

I also made my first sourdough loaves the other day. The night before, and before going to bed, I mixed up a batch and used no yeast at all, even though the recipe called for it. I let it sit all night long and when I woke in the morning, it had more than doubled it size, despite a chilly kitchen. Anyway, I formed my sandwich bread in their pans and let them rise again for two hours and both rose beautifully. I cooked them using a method I found here, where I put a pan under them and poured water in for steam and got a great oven rise.  I didn't know what to expect and didn't smell anything sourdough like... However, once they got cooking and were taken out of the oven, I realized I had a successful sourdough experience!  It performed so well I could not be happier. The sour was not too much and the bread was smooth, fluffy and chewy.  On my own scale, this was a huge success!  Next time I plan to use half of the batch for sandwich bread and the other half for baguettes. 

Most of my success with sourdough I owe to this great forum!  Thank you all for being so free with your info!

if I had but one request of this place it would be this: as I write to you from my iPad, I would love it if this forum were Tapatalk enabled. 

Thank you all!  And may the yeast be with you...


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Welcome Ryan,

Nice looking family.  From the background it looks like you are a mountain dweller here in CO.

Glad to hear you are having success with your sourdough and that you have already discovered the wonders of adding the left overs in other foods.  Very versatile stuff indeed.

I started out baking only a couple of times a week....but after finding this site I have turned into a daily baker so watch out.  It could happen to you too :-)

Take Care,