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Rustic Bread from The Fresh Loaf Pocket Book of Bread Baking

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Rustic Bread from The Fresh Loaf Pocket Book of Bread Baking

Just started trying to learn how to bake bread.  

First book purchased was the Kindle version of The Fresh Loaf Pocket Book of Bread Baking.

This weekend, I tried making the Rustic bread from this book.

To my amazement, the loaves turned out great.

Nothing in them but the basic 4: flour, water, yeast, salt.  Yet there were a million little decision points that are probably hard to reproduce identically every time you bake.  Hope my second time out goes as well.


Jim Mathis


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Those loaves look great!  Congratulations!  Yes, there do seem to be so many decision points.  I try to take notes on what I am doing, especially if I change something from the way I did it before, just in case I like the results and want to replicate it.  What a great start to your bread baking journey!


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Thanks Linda,

I'm sure you are right about taking notes.  My first time out proved that to me.  

Thanks so much for the kind words.



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Song Of The Baker

Welcome to this addiction!  Nice bakes and I am sure they will provide some very tasty meals.

Bake on :)


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Thanks John,

I'm already showing signs of addiction- wondering if I should just put together one of those poolish things so I can get a little baking going tomorrow.  My wife is asking for equal time in her own kitchen.



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That little pocket book has some good recipes in it and a steal for the price - don't tell Floyd!

Now that you are hooked you will have to share the kitchen with your wife  - but you don't have to like it :-) 

Happy Baking

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It's a great little book, more for understanding what bread really is than any particular recipe.