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Keeping Bread Fresh

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Keeping Bread Fresh

I need some help keeping my bread fresh. During the summer I go back to Italy with my family, that is where we are originally from. There the tradition is to go to the bakery everyday and pick up a fresh loaf of bread. In our region of Calabria, or Southern Italy traditionally bread doesn't have salt and obviously there are no preservatives. When you first buy it in the morning it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but by 4:00 pm the crust is already getting soggy! Usually the bread is already eaten by then, so it isn't a problem. But, the bakeries are not open on Sunday and we must have bread for our big meal! Usually we buy it on Saturday morning and then store it in a closed paper bag, it doesn't get moldy but the crust gets soggy. I don't like freezing the bread because it really doesn't hold up. I was wondering if maybe covering it with a clean dish cloth in a bowl was a good idea, i vaguely remember my grandmother doing that. What are your opinions on bread boxes. This bread box I saw on amazon looks like a really cool idea, I like it because it has the adjustable air vents. Do all bread boxes have these air vents??? Thanks for your opinions! 

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always "refresh" the crust by popping it into a oven at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 8-10 minutes (depending on the size of the loaf), it should bring the crust back momentarily for your meal.

Bread boxes are a great way to store artisan bread. I think the one I currently have is

But the one you linked looked pretty nice too!

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The nature of the beastis that moisture goes from an area of high moisture (air) to an area of lower moisture (the crust), not much you can do for that, if you put the bread in a low moisture area or box that is dehumidified then it will suck the moisture out of the bread also..that is worse than a soft crust.