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How do I make a loaf that feels like a doughnut?

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How do I make a loaf that feels like a doughnut?

Hi! I'm fairly new to break baking, and I love it. I've been baking since november and I've made 7 or 8 kinds of bread, so I think I want to try to make my own. I want my loaf to have the same texture as a glazeless krispy kreme doughnut- light, stretchy, a tad buttery, and mildly sweet. Normally I'd just use a recipe for doughnut dough... but I realized that you can't exactly fry a loaf. In addition, there's a bunch of recipes for doughnuts made with bread dough, but none the other way around. Does anyone know how I could make a bread like this? Or if there are any breads that I just haven't heard of that meet my qualifications? Any help is appreciated!

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I don't have a recipe, but from what you're describing, that sounds the closest.  I think it's called the 'tang zhong' method.  Surely someone here would know more about it than I do, but if not, there's a thread about it on the King Arthur website.

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I would also say just use a doughnut dough recipe, and bake as bread, but doughnuts are very light and fragile, so they may collapse under the weight. 

If you are going for a soft shreddable loaf I agree on previous posters re 'tang zhong' method; and carbalicious is right, txfarmer has fantastic examples. 

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In searching the Internet for Krispy Kreme recipes, ran across this one that uses tang zhong.