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Back mix???

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Back mix???


Hello everyone

I was hoping one of you could explain to be what is meant by a back mix???

I am a very young and eager baker and have playing around in the kitchen for a short of the things that seems to keep stumping me and halting my learning progress is the terminology. Most of the words i can find online and in books, but this one has escaped me.

i was in a bakery in Queensland and i overheard the bakers say that the chilli bread is a back mix bread. i thought nothing of it at first but then it started to niggle away at me... but i cant seem to find any reference to it anywhere. is there a really obvious answer to this im missing or is this some local term hence why i cant find anything about it???

Feel silly asking but any help here would be great.


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Faith in Virginia

Sure he did not say "Bag Mix" ?  Like open the bag add water and stir then bake.

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Mini Oven

meaning most ingredients are already in, just add water.  Directions may include adding yeast.  In German, "bake" is pronounced "back" so you might have picked up on an accent.  Does that make sense?

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Faith in Virginia

None the less I think we are both talking about a premix of some kind.  Noticed that King Arthur is going that direction, lots of mixes.  As a person that cooks and bakes  from "scratch" all I can do is shake my head.