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Poor Old Yogi

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Poor Old Yogi

While cleaning out my fridge the other day I found a blob of RYE starter in a plastic bag skulking, having not been fed for a while. I called him "yogi" after Yogi Berra, my favourite baseball catcher of all time - can you see where I went - catcher in the rye - sorry about that. From memory it was @ 60% hydration.

Anyway I thought I better feed the poor chap, so I removed a 10g blob from the middle and fed him with 20g of Water and 20g of Rye flour. I set him aside for 4 hours and he did swell a little. I then fed him with 6 g of water and 24 g of flour to it and then refrigerated it at 80 grams total and 60% hydration.

What I want to know is does anyone have a feed regime for a RYE starter.
I am looking to bake once a week then keep him in the fridge.

happy baking

John - The Baking Bear

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You may have to dig a bit, but Mini Oven posted some info here about her rye starter

In a nutshell, maintain at 100% hydration, feed every 12 hrs at least 2 days before baking. Increase hydration beyond this to speed starter action somewhat. 

Before refrigerating, feed 1 tbsp. reserved starter with 100g rye flour and 100g water, let stand for 1 hr, then refrigerate. 

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Thanks Cranbo,

I will follow the link.


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Mini Oven

Poor starter! It needs to come out of the cold and have a few days of warmth, refreshings and yeast growth before chilling otherwise you risk invasion and poor rising power. Here is the exact spot in the thread.

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Thanks Mini.

i will try to give Yogi a better life in 2013


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Your cat looks like butter, all melted near the oven :D

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She was chilling after a tough day of napping and eating and dreaming of chasing mice.

if i turn down the fire she screams at me.

good to know who is in charge.


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Feed the rye to get 100% hydro and let it sit out until it starts to show some life by poofing up by at least half then give it some more rye only, no water,  to get it to 60% then let it sit out and show some movement before refrigerating.  I shoot for about 80 g of 60% rye starter.   It should then last until you find it again - when ever that is :-)  Once it is happy,  bake with it until it is about 20 g then go through the feeding again.

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i did as you said - i am ashamed to say that it took 9 hours to grow by half.
on the good side it smells great.
i have just added the second feed of flour and its sitting out to grow a bit, then its back in the fridge for Yogi.
i plan to bake with him in a few days.
thanks again

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Our dogs like to lie in front of our fire too but when it gets too hot, they have a lot of fur, they head for the kitchen tile floor to cool off.


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should the fire be turned off then there is the back up of a radiator.

i am coming back as cat in the next life.

LOL :-)