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Bread Making Michel Roux

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Bread Making Michel Roux

In  The Video he divides the dough in to 2 halves and makes them in to balls,he then places the 2 balls in a loaf tin together, and covers them for a second rise.I wonder if somebody knows why this is done.


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I think it is just to make  a nicely shaped loaf!  I may be wrong , it will be interesting to see what others say.

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Hi breadpete,

It's a technique used in industrial bread production, only they put 4 pieces into a tin instead of 2.   If you imagine, each of these pieces is turned through 90 degrees on what would be a single panned dough piece.

This basically changes the direction of the cell bubble structure in the dough.   The effect in the finished loaf is that of a superior white crumb which is achieved by better light reflectivity on the cell structure of the crumb.

Best wishes


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that 2 balls are better than one and 4 is two too many :-)

I am amazed at the knowledge you have about dough.  I'm going to call your talentand learning -  Andy's Dough Know.  Simply amazing and a treasure!

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I'm feeling a bit dumb, here.  What video are you talking about?  Do you have a link to it?  




Oops, nevermind. Just found it.  Will be sharing it, too!

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in you tube go to  michel roux jr bread

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For me it works very well for two simple reasons;

1. No shape is easier to do than a boule.

2. You can cut it in half in the center so you have essentially two small pullman loaves. It looks kind of neat. The idea is to eat one and put the other in the freezer. 

Below is a photo of my most recent semi-whole-grain loaf in which I used this 'two-boule' technique. It turned out really nice.

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Hadn't crossed my mind about separating the loaf after baking and freezing a half. I may have to start using this for my loafpan breads.