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bread bag

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bread bag

i am looking for an AFFORDABLE brown paper bread bag.  for selling my bread in. 

any suggestions?

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Gluten-free Gourmand

I use Paper Mart for some food bags, but I have never gotten their bread bags.

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Maybe tell us where you are located and what's a bread bag?  A kraft bag?

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the most favorable for artisan breads to maintain their crunchy crusts for a bit longer than regular bags.

I wish we had more interest here, since they only come in 1000/carton bundles, and I might only need 20 at the most.


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Do you have a Publix grocery store nearby?  If so, ask them if you can buy some.  I've bought cake boxes, and things like that from them before - just head over to the bakery and ask.  They sell their french bread in those kinds of bags.  If you don't have a Publix, maybe there is another grocery store that uses them that would sell them to you.