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Fresh Yeast availability in the UK

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Fresh Yeast availability in the UK

There are many posts on TFL that recommend trying to source fresh yeast from your local, large supermarket bakery department - when it is a bakery not a tanning salon for partially baked loaves.  Also, Richard Bertinet will supply good fresh yeast but either in 500g blocks or on a regular "plan".  There are also some specialist suppliers such as NiceisLife (Italian produce ) who also sell small packs of fresh yeast.

I have now found that the online supermarket Ocado also supply fresh yeast ( ) and they say it can also be frozen.  I regularly freeze the yeast I get from M. Bertinet in plastic wrap and then a strong, thick freezer bag so would recommend a similar treatment for any other types of fresh yeast.  Ocado recommend using double the amount of defrosted yeast compared to fresh.

I appreciate that Ocado may been seen as expensive but they do a price match on branded goods to Tesco so it isn't that bad - unless you get sucked into buying some of the more unusual items that they supply, like I do - the fresh Girolle mushrooms, sour cherry juice and Italian rocket, to name but three, are great :).

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I lived in London, Brighton and sunny Wales before I moved to Canada. I never had any problems finding fresh yeast - I just headed for the Tesco's bakery, the large ones not the mini tanning salons, and asked - they'd give me half a block for free.

If anyone is near Port Hawkesbury in equally sunny Nova Scotia feel free to pop into my bakery, Haven Coffeebar, I'll be happy to give you some fresh yeast or even some of my saourdough starter!!



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There's plenty of fresh yeast on Ebay.