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Bulk King Arthur Flour Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Bulk King Arthur Flour Minneapolis/St. Paul

Hi everyone,

I have found a distributor for bulk 50# bags of King Arthur flour in the Minneapolis metro region but they need a minimum order.  I am trying to pull together enough people to place an order with them.  The flours they carry are the King Arthur Special Patent, Sir Galahad Artisan, and Sir Lancelot Hi-Gluten.  The bags would be approximately $30 each and we need a minimum order of $200.  I would make the original bulk purchase and then the floud could be picked up from me.  Also, has anyone baked with any of these flours and what has been their experience?  Here's to hoping I get some interested bakers.  Thanks for looking.


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Hi Josh, these folks may be worth a call.  I live in NJ and they have a distribution center not far from me.  They cater to the banking trade nationally having multiple distribution centers.  In NJ they allow walk ins that pay cash, must call in one day ahead.   I buy 50 lb bags of King Arthur "Special", a high protein flour.  Hard Red spring wheat, not bleached or bromated, but it does have a small portion of malted barley included, not sure how much.  I love the product.  I bought a bag a last month for $21$21.41.  The NJ center is open 9-3. 

Try calling their MN distribution center below to see if they have the same walk in arrangement.  Call one day ahead, pay at the window/entrance, then drive to the loading dock where someone will bring it out.  Beats trying to find partners on minimum order size - if MN does it like here in NJ.  Dawn is a national distributor of King Arthur...  Good luck!

Dawn Food Products, Inc.

Distribution Center
20195 South Diamond Lake Rd.
Suite 200
Rogers, MN 55374

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Thanks for posting this info.  Dawn is actually the company I have found here that will allow will-call pickups but they told me they need a $200 minimum order.  I'll give them another call and see how firm they are on this point.  Thanks for the product info as well.  I've used their retail flours and have been pleased so its nice to know the quality carries over into their commercial products as well. 


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I am in the Twin Cities trying to find bulk flour as well.  I just gave them a call and pushed her on it a little bit.  She did not budge from the $200 minimum.  She said they get quite a few calls about it, but that it wasn't worth it for the paperwork associated with 1's and 2's.

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and asking them if they will sell a bag or two? I suspect that if you nicely asked Solveig Tofte of Sun Street Breads that she may work with you. I don't know if she uses King Arthur flours, but she makes damn fine breads and baked goods. Or, you could try calling Nathan Hildebrandt, King Arthur midwest sales manager and asking him if he knows of a small bakery using the flours that you want. You can get his number by calling King Arthur,

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I posted an inquiry on craigslist regarding this same topic but only got one response.  Between the 3 of us looking for bulk flour we could each buy 2 bags and we would only need to find two more people to do the same.  Just a thought.  Let me know if you are interested.

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I realize your post was two years ago, but did you ever find enough other people to buy flour? I'm interested in case you are.