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Adamatic deck ovens for sale

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jim mccray

Adamatic deck ovens for sale

Hi----I am Jim McCray and new to the site and hope what I have to offer is of interest--I have a set of 3 individual deck 3-pan wide state of the art Adamatic-Belshaw NEW deck ovens that are now surplus to our need.  I bought them speculatively 2 years ago and we decided not to go forward.  Please visit the Adamatic site for full details.  Each deck is individually controlled and has time-steam top and bottom heat--"stone bottoms" Absolutely the best of artisanal commercial baking ovens.  The ovens are on a SS stand and do not have a ventilation fan.  I wish I knew how to post a link and will definitely learn but when I saw the first post of my visit, I saw a QA post from someone in Singapore who had shortlisted some new ovens and I knew immediately that these ovens do compete in this arena.  The ovens are in Houston Texas USA and are crated for delivery in the US on a specialized trailer that can be separated into "compartments" inside the trailer.  I will be glad to supply details as best I can to anyone interested.  The ovens are for sale at $14,000. FOB Houston. Should anyone wish to contact me directly, feel free.

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My name is Salim Vastani. I am in Sugarland, TX. Is the admatic oven still for sale?