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Where To Buy Grains & Flour In Lower Mainland BC

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Song Of The Baker

Where To Buy Grains & Flour In Lower Mainland BC

I am so excited about this find that I had to share with members that are in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, or just over the US border in Washington, looking for an AMAZING deal on high quality organic grains and flours.

Anita's Organic Mill is located in Chilliwack, which is a bit of a drive for someone like Floyd in Vancouver (approx. an hour), but for me in the Fraser Valley it's only 20 mins away off the highway.

After a frustrating, and disappointing search around the lower mainland for whole rye berries, I only found one location locally that carried some and was ripped off at 75 cents per 100 grams.  Anita's sells at 24 cents per 100 grams!  I hear they have an amazing variety there and all very reasonably priced.

I plan to go there on the weekend to stock up on all kinds of goodies.  Am I really this excited for grains and flour??

Hope this helps some users.