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New TFL member:)

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Andra Magda

New TFL member:)

Hello everybody:),

 My name is Andra, I live in Romania and I am 33 years old. I discovered the wonderful universe of bread 10 months ago, thanks to Codruta ( 

The bread and I are in a very special relationship ever since:). And I can say, it was not love at first sight;), as you can see below.




I don't know why, but every failure I had made me more determined to get to know "The Bread" better:). With Codruta's help, after a lot of practicing, I succed in making bread my friend:).


1. Sourdough Fennel Bread


2.  Sourdough Olive Bread



3.  Sourdough Seeds Bread


4. Stureby de Luxe


5. San Joaquin Sourdough

5. Vermont Sourdough


6. Pain au levain

I still have a lot to learn, but I consider myself lucky to get to know this wonderfull world of Bread:).  I love baking and talking about bread and pastry:). I bake everytime I can, usually once a week, during weekends. My familly and friends are, most of the time, delighted to be in the "testing squad":). 

Two months ago I discoverd txfarmer blog (, and her wonderfull croissants:). I've been practicing ever since, I still have a lot to learn , but I think I am heading in the right direction:).



8. Sourdough croissants with poppy seeds and small pieces of raisin

One of this year's resolution is to write my own blog articles on TFL and I thought that January 1'st would be a good time to start doing it:).

May we all have a wonderful baking year and may the bread & pastry God be with us!

Hoping to get to you soon,



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Wow! These pictures of all your breads are tremendous! I want to be able to make breads that look that gorgeous!

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Andra Magda

Thank you for your kind words:)! But.. I must admit that I've made a selection of the breads I consider best "good looking";)..At first, it was one "good looking" loaf in every 5 to 7 loaves...Now the rate depends on the recepy.

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Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful breads and viennoiserie! 


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Andra Magda

Thank you Mr. Snyder! Your words mean a lot to me, as I am a great admirer of your work, especially baguettes and San Francisco Sourdough:).

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Beautiful looking bread and your croissants look amazing!



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Andra Magda

Thanks a lot:)! I've just seen your blog! Now I have a new bokmark in my toolbar:). 

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Welcome to TFL.  Seems like Romania produces wonderful bakers.  Your loaves and croissants are beautiful!

Take Care,


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Andra Magda

Thank you Janet for your warm welcome :)! Such fine words from an experiented baker mean a lot to me:).

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Welcome to TFL Andra,

Some very lovely bread and vienoisserie.   You have been taught very well indeed

Best wishes


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Andra Magda

Thank you for your good thoughts!:) I've got a lot of help from Codruta as she is a very good teacher, considering she learned from the best;).

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Lovely breads, Andra! Your skills seem to be heading in the right direction.. Well done! We havn't heard of corduta lately, at least i didn't, i hope she is doing fine.

As all TFL members expressed, welcome aboard!



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Andra Magda

Thank you Khalid for your kind words:)! Best wishes from Romania!


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Looks like you've had a good start.  I look forward to seeing more.


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Andra Magda

Thank you Glenn! Nice meeting you:)! 

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Welcome to TFL, Andra!

I believe we've chatted several times on Codruta's blog after her great World Bread Day. So glad you now joined us here on TFL.  Looking forward to share a lot of bready goodies with you. :)

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Andra Magda

Thank you! I don't think we've met (there are two users named Andra on Codruta's blogg. I am the newset. ). It's very nice meeting you now:).Hope to keep intouch!:)

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hi Andra, nice to see you here and welcome on TFL! Thank you for your kind words, I can't believe it's been almost one year since we met :) You learnt fast and the selection of bread is impressive. I am so happy for you (and proud too:)! Keep on baking, be adventurous and keep on posting about it!

Happy new year!


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Andra Magda

Hellooo!!! You are so supportive as allways!! I couldn't do these wonderfull breads if it wasn't for your help!!I'll keep on baking, posting and...try to be adventurous:) (with good results..I hope).

Thank you a lot and a lot Master:)! Happy new year!!

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you take after codruta so well :-)  Welcome to TFL.

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Andra Magda

Thank you! :)