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convection oven

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convection oven


I'm planning on buying a convection oven from the Unites States.  A Cadco oven is the one that I have in mind and apparently, the manufacturer of this product, which is the Cadco, Ltd, is not the only one selling it.  

The listed price of the product on their web site is $1,950 (XAF-113)


as opposed to some other sites that are offering the exact same model at substantially lower prices.


Does anybody know why the prices vary?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.    


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In the US, the manufacturer sells at suggested list. Everything Kitchens can sell it for,what they think is a fair profit.

hope that explains it.

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Call or email the companies that have the lowest prices you can find and ask how much it will cost to ship it to your location.  Make sure you tell them if it's going to be to a residential or commercial address as there may be an extra fee to deliver to your house (if that's where it's going).  As Keyhole pointed out above, you'll find different prices from different retailers, depending on how much profit they feel they need.


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Thank you both for your answers.  I really appreciate it!