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Steam Ovens - Opinion needed

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Steam Ovens - Opinion needed

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking into buying an AEG/Electrolux oven with a steaming function. I'm not sure how this works with bread baking. Is there anyone out there that owns one of these or similar and can give me some info/feedback about these machine?

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Faith in Virginia

I just looked up that oven and found a Youtube video on that oven. I don't think it's intended for bread at all.  Looks more like a steamer for fish and veggies and such. There were other demenstration videos and not one talked about bread.


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If you want a steam injection oven for bread baking, you should look specifically for that option (which will be quite expensive).

Otherwise - I bake breads for sale every week and I use my regular home ovens, one is an Electrolux and one a Samsung. Those good quality home ovens are well insulated, and wenn you steam with a cup of boiling water, it works just fine, and they retain the steam as long as it's needed.