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the drunken bastard trifle

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the drunken bastard trifle

Not a yeasty I know BUT i hope I will be forgiven as I wanted to share it with you all....

Mainly because we all like to make complex breads etc and sometimes, especially at Xmas when we are pushed for time, its nice to have something that is quick and easy!!

And impresses the hardest MOTHER IN LAW!!! 

The Drunken Bastard trifle….Otherwise known as….

Michelle’s Marvellous Hokey pokey Trifle…..BOOZE FREE….

Before some of you all get flustered, you CAN easily adjust and add in the BOOZE!!!

Phew!!! Keep the pants on!!

Mmmmm trifle

Ok, so are we all good now????? Booze can be added!! 


It is called the drunken bastard trifle because in earlier days when I would have a pre Xmas Tipple (before children and responsibility arrived!!), I could still make this while being half cut!!

Lovely… and I did used to put in HEAPS of sherry, in fact I was asked if I wanted sponge with my sherry.


Err has no fruit either…. Much too fiddly for drunken fingers….

hmm, not quite this bad but you get my drift…

VERY VERY BAD ….But its good and its lasts longer and no excess fluid leaks out as it does with fruit in it….

No yellowy bananas or soft fruit bits….

Hokey Pokey Choc is a recent addition too (Thanks Whittakers!!) used to be grated chocolate or flake, but that was when Cadbury’s was in my good books!!

Now the photos in the next few weeks are not going to be the best as  plumpy (my baby) has the camera in Dunedin with my lovely Brother who has taken him on holiday….

So hubby’s phone camera will need to suffice….

Yum yum yum

Do the Hokey Pokey….

What will you need????

1 sponge square….or a jam roll or even a chocolate sponge roll…

I packet of raspberry jelly

1 bar of hokey pokey chocolate ,****DON’T BE MINGY LIKE ME….GET A BIG BAR!!!

Jam for spreading

1 bottle of cream

1 container of vanilla custard or make your own….

Sprinkles too if you want and even scorched almonds if you want….

yummy yum yum

Spread the sponge with jam and cut in half and place on top of each other.

Cut into small pieces and arrange nicely in a clear glass bowl or container…

Boil the jug and make the jelly with 2 cups of water.

*****IF YOU ARE USING BOOZE….use less water in the jelly….

So if you want to say put in a cup of sherry, tip it over the sponge and then make the jelly but with less water….

You can also put the sherry in with the jelly when it is cool and do it that way….I like that!!

Pour it over the sponge, covering it all…

Place in the fridge to cool and set.. I like to leave it for at least 6 hours….

So see you start the trifle before you drink ….6 hours later!!! enough said…

layer it baby!!

Anyways…take it from the fridge and pour your custard on top…

You can add in fruit if you must BUT DRAIN IT very very well.

I like to also add in grated chocolate here or scorched almonds or something yummy….

Choices are endless….

I like to poke holes with a knife all over the sponge so the custard seeps down in places too…

Then I put it back in the fridge for a while…an hour or so….

No sprinkles yet…

Whip your cream…I like to be naughty here too and add in icing sugar….

I mean if you are going to be bad, GO ALL THE WAY!!!

Then I place this on top of my trifle as is….

Next I put sprinkles or chocolate on it or both….

And then have another nip of Sherry….Well not now but I would have years ago…

If you want…

Then I place in the fridge ready to be EATEN!!!





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what I can do with some frozen angel food cake - about my least favorite cake (all sweet and fluff and nothing else) that I baked as part of a challenge.

I'll put it to work in a trifle - with booze, of course!

Happy New Year!


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my trifle has no jelly (missed that step somehow) and no jam on the sponge cake because it has no sponge cake (although it could have) I make mine with christmas cake, no juicy fruit! I did this to use up some over cooked cakes I had, being kept for 2 years and finally found again, they were a bit dry so chopped them in chunks (this allowed removal of the seriously overcooked edges) and then sprinkled heavily with Grand Mariner or other left over Xmas cheer. Layered with a custard or not, and topped with whipped cream (of course you add the icing sugar to the whipped cream) and topped with cake crumbs from the chopping of the cake. I've even made it with non alcholic wine, or very light zinfandel (cheap very cheap wine) its good no matter which way its made, and will really have to try the right way! LOL